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IMPORTANT Releasing 26th - UniveMC (Factions, KitPvP)

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Hi there, i can now confirm that UniveMC will release Saturday 26th January. At launch server will first have Factions and KitPvP, and all the events will be held on the Factions server through the night. We will work on to get the server stable, and we still want to hear suggestions from you so we can add things on the server before launch, but we will continue the hard with after launch to make the server even better. I'm going to show you some pictures of how the server will look :) All remember to share this and remember we are having a DC event where the ones that invite the most will be rewarded with donor ranks o_O Our dc: https://discord.io/unive
And remember to add our IP to your minecraft-client: Play.UniveMC.com


UniveMC Released on 26th January - Factions, KitPvP, Skyblock

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As many of you know, UniveMC will be released on 26th. Please add IP: Play.UniveMC.com

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